Tuesday Tours- The Burton Residence

This is the story of a two-bedroom, 2,200- square-foot pre-fab vacation house I read about in Dwell Magazine. The house was designed for Bill and Abbie Burton  by Marmol Radziner, a very cool architecture firm in California. The Burtons are landscape architects that wanted a simple stress free plan. It took only 6 meetings with the firm to get the design just right and then in 3 months Marmol Radziner built the house in 10 separate modules complete with plumbing and fixtures right in their factory.  The house was put together onsite in one day! Wow, love it!

 Simple.  Uncomplicated design and landscape.

 minimalist but cozy pool area

 concrete floors with a shag rug to soften it

floor to ceiling glass sliders letting the outside in

 an outdoor fireplace and barbeque combined

 low maintenance landscape that still makes a statement

they purposely did very little to the landscape so not to attract animals

a simple, stylish and very efficient design

We are undertaking a renovation this year that I will share soon.  It's not a pre-fab but after seeing this, it's something I would love to do one day!

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