thursday things that rock- succulents

i am mildly obsessed with succulents right now.. could be my lack of green thumb but there is also something about them that is cool, classy and edgy that i just love!

2. houzz
3. houzz

wednesday wishlist

awesome outdoor lighting from my files!

3. unknown
4. unknown
5. lowes
6. skinflintdesign
7. unkown

tuesday tour- an industrial loft in Belgium

Love this loft in Belgium from Dwell Magazine. 
Love the clean finishes without molding and the mix of natural and industrial textures.

monday at my house

Prettying up Isobel's room today between framing sessions and gave her a few colorful earth prints! Exterior of the house is getting scraped and sanded and prepped for its new color! Trees are down and grass is seeded. Lot's going on!  I will post before and afters of the exterior in a couple of weeks.
Hope everyone had a happy Memorial weekend!