Monday at My house

Blogs to me are like journals with audiences.. I have a lot of likes and passions and I will use this as my place to keep it all, like a big life folder of photos and stories. I hope you will get something out of it too!  We are post-blizzard today and people are just getting back to normality.. yet again.. It was only a couple of months ago when Hurricane Irene hit. I can be very moved emotionally by the visual things in my life.  I can find great peace from just simple things around me.  So here is Monday at my house, my peace after the storm..

One of my Anchored Skull pillows in gray

My funky urchin lamp and sleek silver coasters waiting for cocktail hour.

Some things i just LOVE.

 Collection of sands.  Simple yet I think they are so cool.

see you tomorrow!

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