Things that rock- Letting your house be kid cool

Thursday things that rock-
Being kid cool around the hosue

I really love when a home embraces the kids and doesn't kind of brush them off to a playroom..
Top photo from La Maison d'Anna G shows a hopscotch painted on the hardwood floor.. My kids hop, jump and dance all over teh house anyway, why not make it fun!  Chalkboard on the ceiling?  Why not! We Hostel Design
Swings in the living space with big fluffy landing pillows! Again, my kids swing off the chandeliers anyway so why not make it easier for them. image Pinterest
The last image I designed custom wallpaper for one wall of one of the bedrooms.. Polaroids of family and friends.. a fun alternative to posters or art.

wednesday wishlist

This is just too cool.. I don't love retro but i adore the madmen feel to this alarm clock/iphone dock that would give a modern room a fun touch. cb2

Tuesday Tours- Cavo Tagoo Hotel

 I've been infatuated with this hotel for a long time.. It's just gorgeous.. Simple, stylish, edgy.
Cavo Tagoo Greece

Monday at my house

pillows, home decor
 pillows starfish, seahorse, anchor
 skull pillow tangerine orange

This was my house in Rowayton last summer during our photo shoot for Anchored
Jeremy Saladyga, my amazing photographer worked all day non-stop.

Below are my behind the scenes instagram snapshots of the day..

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